Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bats in the Theater?

A friend of mine asked me to join her at a theater for a documentary that her daughter was hosting at our town's historic landmark, The Egyptian Theatre. Her daughter is a lactation consultant, and the company she works for was hosting this movie called "Milk". In a nutshell, it talked about breastfeeding all around the world. Heartwarming and heartbreaking all in one.

Well anyway, as we were watching, we saw on the screen some bird-like creatures flying in the shot; but then, they became 3D! And more flying creatures were added to the mix. Yikes! These creatures were bats flying around this theater! Mind you the Egyptian is a very old and beautifully ornate theater. And to be honest, the bats fit right in! My friend would tell you that they were not welcome at all. I say, keep them there! They added character and a sense of awe! Happy Thanksgiving, All, and add your Slice of Life to the blog: Two Writing Teachers!